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As questions come up about the Natural End program and pledge we'll answer them here. Feel free to leave your questions and thoughts in the comments box below. Useful questions that come into us via e-mail will be posted here with personal details removed.


I'm already in another "green" directory - why should I be on this one, too?

The Natural End Pledge Network  is different.

  1. It's free, supported by sponsors, volunteers, and donations so consumers know this list isn't just a "green" marketing gimmick
  2. It's unbiased and doesn't favor some advertisers or members over others. If a pledgee makes the pledge and meets its terms, we list them. It's as simple as that.
  3. Once the Natural End network is built, you'll be able to find like-minded funeral directors and cemeteries in other parts of the country and around the world. 20% of deaths are non-local. Being able to call another Natural End pledge firm to help out with these specialized needs will smooth the process for everyone.
  4. One more listing on the web isn't going to hurt anyone - our site is extremely search-engine friendly
  5. Providers who want to really get the word out will be everywhere they can be!


Why are the criteria so minimal? Don't you want to support the best?

Of course we do. But natural burial isn't that complicated. Being perfect is. Many families need a solution today. 2.5 million Americans pass away every year - they don't have time for the perfect "green" situation to emerge. They need help NOW. Our criteria are designed based on our experience with families in need who are seeking something more ecological than what they can currently get - we've outlined the basics that many folks seem happy with. Many of our providers are committed to natural burial and natural funeral services and do a lot more than the basics, too.

Why do you recommend that we post our GPL online?
Publicizing your natural funeral services options is extremely important. If you don't advertise them no one will know you have them -- our goal with the Natural End(TM) network is to help the natural funeral movement's service providers gain recognition for the important services you provide.

The GPL is your best opportunity to itemize the services you perform that can be part of a natural funeral. It allows you to be fairly compensated for performing those services and it helps consumers understand the suite of services they can pick from. Some funeral homes simply add a "Natural" category into their GPL that re-lists most of the services listed elsewhere but groups them so a family can find them.

We don't make that a requirement but we DO make the strong suggestion...

I'm concerned about my competition seeing my prices online.

This is a reasonable concern. However, check out these companies:

They post their prices online and they're doing well. We think these folks are models for TRANSPARENCY IN PRICING. When funeral service providers want service to stop being only about price, they'll post their prices and ADVERTISE THEIR SERVICE. Customers buy service, even in hard times. For ways to stand out, read our articles on Sustainable Success, in our blog.

Also, remember that natural coffins and natural plots tend to be a bit cheaper, overall. State clearly all the benefits that come with your offer - people who want natural services are looking for you!

What if I don't have a website to post our GPL on?

If you don't have a website yet you might want to take advantage of our "extended description" option until you do. The basic Natural End listing is free. In the extended description ($75.00 and we DO appreciate the support), along with adding 500 words that help distinguish your service (as well as link to your website's 'natural services' pages) you can send us a scan of your GPL and we will upload it onto your own personal "page" stored here on this site. We do encourage you to get a website. 


Natural_end_logo_990pix.croppedWhere do I get a Natural End logo for my website?

Right click the image here to download the Natural End Logo if you've signed your pledge. 





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