Natural End Map FAQ for signers

Natural End - Terms and Conditions

Natural End is registered as a non-profit corporation in Oregon. Contributions to Natural End are not tax deductible, but payments made to Natural End in return for expanded publication options are deductible as a normal business expense.

The Natural End(TM) directory of goods and service providers is available free of charge as a service to the public. Natural End, its volunteers, its members and its sponsors make no warrants or representations about the providers listed herein, and consumer-users of the directory agree that they will not hold Natural End or its associates liable in any way for anything posted here that may prove to be untrue. 

Basic listings are free to providers who sign the pledge. Any goods or service provider signing the Natural End(TM) pledge accepts full responsibility for verifying the accuracy of their listing. Any consumer user or signer agrees to hold Natural End (the organization) and its members and sponsors harmless for any consequence resulting from the posting of information, accurate or otherwise. In all cases, the signer agrees that the sole remedy for any complaint from the signer will be the removal of the signer's pledge and information from the website. Natural End(TM) (the organization) reserves the right to remove a signer's information at any time, for any reason. In the event that the signer has purchased an extended listing, a pro-rated refund will be made. This page describes the full extent of any contract, explicit or implied, between the signer or the consumer and Natural End(TM) or its sponsors.

Consumers are encouraged to verify all claims made by providers if the consumer so desires. Natural End and its associates assume no responsibility for inaccurate information. Consumers who discover inaccuracies may send notice to Natural End so that corrections can be made. Notices may be send to Natural End,  PO Box 11204, Eugene, Oregon, 97440.