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Omega Funeral and Cremation Service - Portland, Oregon

Omega_staff Name: Omega Funeral & Cremation Service
Category: Licensed Funeral Home; Crematory, Family Directed Funeral Assistant/ Home funeral Guide
City, State: Portland, Oregon
Phone: 800.922.6402 -- 503.231.6030

Omega Funeral & Cremation Service started as a dream for owners Erin & Kathy Phelps, following a number of years of working in the traditionally minded funeral service industry.  They were finding that many people were requesting simpler ...

Pledge on file - June, 2009 - READ MORE ABOUT OMEGA'S SERVICES

ErinKathy_000 ... services and dispositions for their family members and that most funeral homes (Many of whom were now owned by large conglomerates) were not sensitive to the needs of the families and were charging exorbitant fees. Erin & Kathy knew that there was a better way to meet the needs of these families.

So in 1990 they began business with a mission statement, "To serve all families with dignity, in a caring manner, respecting all religions and philosophies and charge affordable prices."

With this statement in mind they began serving families by offering very basic services for cremation or burial from an office in NE Portland. As the requests from the families they served for services requiring specialized facilities increased, it became necessary to move their business to a facility that could accommodate those requests.

In 2002 Erin and Kathy moved into their present location at 223 SE 122nd Avenue in Portland, Oregon. This facility has a service room that can accommodate 200 people and can be set up to suit the needs of the family for most any kind of celebration. There are facilities for those that wish to wash and prepare the deceased themselves prior to the disposition and an onsite crematorium.

Since beginning in business almost 20 years ago, Omega Funeral & Cremation Service has grown to become the largest provider of death care services in the state of Oregon. In all of this time Erin and Kathy have always embraced the philosophy that the family, friends and community must express themselves at this time in a way that is meaningful, significant, and will aid them in moving through the grieving process.

They have been honored to serve families representing a diverse cultural, ethnic and religious background, including the Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Jewish communities, along with those following more Humanistic paths. If requested, Erin Phelps as a Certified Celebrant, can lead ceremonies in conjunction with the family. Omega is recognized in the community as specialists in international shipping of bodies, non-traditional cremation and burials, including those wishing to have a more natural or green disposition and assisting home and family directed ceremonies.

They offer traditional caskets and urns, along with items that are made of biodegradable or post consumer products. Those families who wish may also provide their own casket or urn. At no time will any family be charged for items or services that are not requested or necessary.

The staff of Omega Funeral & Cremation Service would like all who request our services to know that they will always endeavor to provide meaningful, caring service, in a dignified and affordable manner and to exceed the expectations of all who call upon them. This pledge is our bond.


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Kathy is the most professional, compassionate person, perfect for this job. She’s an angel. This was my 3rd funeral home experience and it was the only pleasant one I have had. I would highly recommend Omega and especially Kathy. Thank you.

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