Thibadeau Mortuary - Silver Spring, Maryland
Herman Meyer and Son - Louisville, Kentucky


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I have some family members buried in your cemetary, and would like to obtain a regular copy of death certificate, obituaries, any thing that you have on file for each member of my family including parents names if available..
Ebert Parker Lane 1883-1951, Bertie Lane 1916-1949, Landry leo Lane 1920-1986 this is my grand father, and two uncles.. the copies do not have to be certified, just plain copies and if there are any charges for this I will gladly send a check..
thank you so much..

I am trying to find the following grave at Mt Pleasant:

Martha Brion
Plot C w1/2 27 31 4/7

Tell where the physical location of this grave as I enter the main gate off 12th Street.
Thank you.

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