Cornerstone Funeral Services - Boring, Oregon
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery - Sioux Falls, South Dakota


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Thanks for the comment, Pat.

Many funeral homes don't necessarily have their natural offerings up on their websites yet, since websites are not the main way a funeral home does business - they still do things mostly face-to-face!

Thibadeau Mortuary has signed the Natural End Pledge, however - that means they've agreed to provide the basic services described in the pledge, including a viewing without embalming, using a biodegradable coffin, and helping the family to find vault-free cemetery options.

So, even though you don't see it on the website you can be sure they offer the service if they've signed the pledge. (And, if they don't, someone can leave a comment here, just like you did.)

Thanks again!

I didn't see anything "natural" at Tibadeau Mortuary website.

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