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White Eagle Memorial Preserve, Goldendale Washington - natural cemeteryName: White Eagle Memorial Preserve
Category: Cemetery offering natural burial
City, State: Goldendale, Washington
Contact: Daniel Dancer/Jade Sherer  
Phone: 509-773-4536

Natural End Pledge on file - February, 2010



White Eagle Memorial Preserve, Goldendale Washington - natural cemetery

The White Eagle Memorial Preserve is a natural burial ground founded in 2008 and licensed by the state of Washington. It is the only wilderness cemetery in the country . . . 20 beautiful acres set within 1300 acres of permanently protected oak and ponderosa forest, meadow and steppe on the edge of spectacular Rock Creek Canyon near the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Deer, coyote, cougar, eagles, steelhead in the canyon creek, the occasional bear or lynx . . . all are present here.

White Eagle Memorial Preserve, Goldendale Washington - natural cemeteryThere are no invasive weeds, no fences, no noise, no sign off man really other than the little road that takes you to the edge of the cemetery. Our mission is to nourish this land while keeping it wild and to provide a natural alternative to the death care industry as it currently exists in America.

 Our bodies do not belong to us, they belong to Nature. They are a natural resource and when we die, shouldn't they be gifted back to Nature to further the cycles of life? Current cemetery practices waste a tremendous amount of resources insuring that are remains are prevented from returning to their source. Cremation both contributes to global warming and robs the Earth of the important nutrients or body can provide. Think of natural burial as a kind of carbon offset as it is exactly that!

At the White Eagle Memorial Preserve, each gravesite becomes an opportunity to nourish, as a living memorial, the wildness and beauty already present. Every visit to a loved one’s grave is an opportunity to connect with nature and feel the beauty and awesome presence of this wild place. 



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