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A_sacred_moment_logo Name: A Sacred Moment Funeral Home
Category: Licensed funeral home offering natural services
City, State: Everett, Washington
Contact:    Char Barrett
Phone: 425-316-8290
Natural End Pledge on file since - March, 2011
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  • Family Directed Funeral Assistance
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A Sacred Moment is a unique funeral service empowering families and friends to honor the passing of a loved one through a home funeral vigil, green burial or life celebration service. During the tender time of a loved one's death, families receive the support to create a service that is as special as the life lived. They create the opening for a sacred moment to emerge.
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Green Burials

For families who want to honor their loved one's passion and respect for the environment, A Sacred Moment provides assistance with a green burial.

Also known as an eco-friendly or natural burial, a green burial allows your loved one's body to rest in the earth without the use of embalming chemicals, in a biodegradable casket or shroud. It is a completely natural practice - just as our loved ones from past generations were buried.

Today most cemeteries have their own policies - which are not state law-requiring a burial vault (or liner) to support the soil above a buried casket. This helps keep cemetery lawns flat and easy to maintain, but it adds concrete, steel, copper, bronze, toxic embalming chemicals, and hardwoods (many tropical) to the earth. The practice depletes our natural resources and adds toxins to the soil. It also increases the financial burden for families choosing burial for their loved one's body.

Connecting families with cemeteries that do not require a burial vault or liner, A Sacred Moment coordinates green burials throughout the state of Washington. And as eco-friendly burials gain wide interest and acceptance - with developments occurring monthly - we provide the most current information and guidance for families choosing this natural option.

Watch this ABCNews video about Green Burials.

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Watch this YouTube video to learn more about Green Burials.


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