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EloiseWoods_view_288px Name: Eloise Woods Community Natural Burial Park
Category: Cemetery offering natural burial
City, State: Austin, Texas
Contact:    Ellen Macdonald
Website: http://www.eloisewoods.com
Phone:  512-796-5240

Natural End Pledge on file - April, 2011

Eloise Woods is a community burial park located 10 miles east of Austin in Cedar Creek, Texas. We offer "green" or "natural" burials which do not involve toxic chemicals or non-biodegradable materials. At Eloise Woods there is:
  • No embalming of the body
  • No metal caskets
  • No concrete grave liners

Bodies are wrapped in shrouds or other biodegradable containers and placed directly into the earth. Ashes to Ashes; dust to dust.

  Eloise_woods_naturalists1_300 DETAILS:

  • Eloise Woods is a 9.4 acre woodland burial ground with walking trails and picnic areas.
  • At Eloise Woods there are gardens for everyone. Teva Garden is an exclusively Jewish Section; Rainbow Bridget Garden is for all creatures great and small. Soaring Hawk Garden is for crematins both buried and scattered, and Sweet Angel Garden is a place just for infants.
  • Pets can be buried with their people anywhere in the burial park
  • Families are welcome to open and close the grave themselves as well as lower the body into the ground.
  • We can recommend local Funeral Homes which work with families to make funeral arrangements, provide transportation of the remains and/or complete required paperwork.
  • Please know that embalming is NOT required by law and neither are concrete grave liners.
  • We offer financial assistance
  • Prices on website


115 Northside Lane
Cedar Creek, Texas - 78612


Read an article about Eloise Woods here.





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Eloise Woods is the place to have a therapeutic, inspiring burial in the midst of your grief. Cemetery owner Ellen Macdonald even gives us the option to dig a grave for our loved one, if we wish to do so. She is so willing to work with those of us who prefer to bury our own, as well as for those who want to use a licensed mortician. The cost at Eloise Woods is far less than most places; it is friendly to both our budget and kind to the environment. The working relationship between the family and the cemetery could not be better.

Check it out for yourself and you too may come to love the thought of having a burial in the Eloise Woods Community Natural Burial Park. Rodger Ericson

I am a pet lover and had a little 18 year old Westie that was in kidney failure. It happened within 2 days and honestly I had just moved to Austin a month ago. I don't believe in cremation and wanted a proper burial for my pet. I had to find a place for her to rest because she was in so much pain I was forced to put her down within 24 hours. I contacted Ellen the owner and founder of Eloise Woods via a referral from a crematorium owner. I contacted her Tuesday evening and she returned my call the next morning. She was so delightful and understood my pain and agreed to meet me at the vet for Kimba to be put down. She stayed with me the entire time and then took my baby to Rainbow Bridge to prepare her grave. She gave me time to come home and collect my other two animals so they could say Good-bye. The drive there was the unknown however very peaceful. When I arrived I was overwhelmed at how charming and inviting the entrance was. It was like God carried me there and gently placed me at the front gate. I drove up the dirt road and came to a little office shed. To the right was Ellen, bless her heart. She was working so hard to prepare a grave site. She had Kimba next to her under two Oak Trees working diligently to bury enough ground to place my baby there. It was so hot and she worked so hard! I was so impressed at her strength, kindness and her true sense of my sadness. She made the entire experience a true personal and heartfelt service. The shroud she had for Kimba was so pretty and she had taken a rock and made a temporary stone for Kimba. It was so neat and thoughtful. She doesn't miss a thing! I selected a large flat rock for her to etch Kimba's headstone. I will never forget how God placed such an Angel in my life to make a painful experience so Amazing!!

Thank You Ellen!!! We all Love You!
Love, Susan, Kimba, Chelsea & Marilyn

If you are a Pet Lover I highly recommend Ellen MacDonald at Eloise Woods!!!! :-)

I'm a fan already. As an environmentalist and funeral aftercare provider, I feel attracted to the idea of family burial of a loved one in the earth just as we were intended to be when we die. How does your burial ground mark where loved ones have been buried? I would imagine you use something that fits into the scenic beauty of the land.

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